Lucknow: Social activist Anna Hazare might have united the nation in the fight against corruption, but the Lucknow University administration finds him too controversial to allow him be a guest on the campus.

By calling Anna Hazare to Lucknow University Teachers' Association (LUTA), the teachers wanted to give emphasis to the momentum against corruption. But the college administration refused to give permission to the programme calling it to be controversial in nature. The programme was scheduled to take place at Malviya hall on May 1. But, the administration cancelled the booking of Malviya hall and his stay at varsity guest house.

The LUTA officials met vice chancellor Prof Manoj Kumar Mishra on Tuesday when they came to know about the cancellation of the pragramme. The officials said, “The vice chancellor refused to give permission to the programme slated to take place in the University.”

According to the sources, “the teachers wanted to welcome the crusader but the administration was not ready for it.”  

The teachers allege, “No separate seat was made available for chancellor, registrar and vice chancellor for the scheduled programme on the stage and this may be one of the reasons behind cancelling the programme.”

LUTA secretary RB Singh said, “After getting Anna’s nod, we booked the Malviya hall on April 23. We had paid Rs 500 fee to the university for hosting the programme.”

“The university also gave permission for the stay of Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Swami Agnivesh, Arvind Kejriwal in the varsity guest house," said the LUTA secretary RB Singh.