New Delhi: India on Tuesday said it will take at least two more years for completion of the Doha Round of talks on a global trade deal, as it will take time for things to settle down in the US after elections are held next year.

"The US goes into the election mode (in 2012) and then (we can) look at 2013, as by the time the (US) administration comes into office... thereafter putting people in place and getting negotiations restarted, if by the end of 2013, (we) have a deal, you will be pretty damn lucky. My guess is you are looking closer to 2014," Commerce Secretary Rahul Khullar said at a Ficci function here.

Last week, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ended its crucial biennial Ministerial Conference without making any headway on the way forward for the Doha Round of talks.

The Doha Round, which began in 2001, has missed several deadlines due to the entrenched positions taken by developed and developing nations on issues like tariffs on agricultural
goods and free market access.

He said until the developed countries gets out of the global economic crisis, conclusion of the round is not possible.

"It was pretty clear from mid-2009 that until the great recession played itself out, there was going to be no appetite in the developed world for taking on any trade agreement... because they are completely overtaken by the domestic fallout of the disaster that are happening to their economics," he said.

Due to falling economic growth and rising unemployment in the developed countries, "Nobody cares what is happening in Geneva or Doha," he added.