Moscow: A plane of German flag carrier Lufthansa made an emergency landing in Russia on Tuesday after smoke was found spreading from the galley, officials said.

The Airbus A-320 plane, carrying 116 passengers and six crew, was flying from the Urals city of Yekaterinburg to Frankfurt when it made the emergency landing at the airport of Perm, also in the Urals.

"After landing at Perm all the passengers left the plane and were examined by doctors," said the branch of the emergencies ministry for the Perm region in a statement on its website. "There were no injuries or fatalities."

Initial reports said that the landing was forced after pilots detected smoke in the cockpit but investigators later said that the cause appeared to be smoke from the galley in the tail of the plane.

"The stewards informed the pilots of the situation and they took the decision to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport," the Urals branch of the transport investigative committee said, according to a news agency.

Another news agency said that there were 24 foreigners on board and that Lufthansa was sending a replacement airliner to take the passengers to Frankfurt.