Mumbai (Agencies): Actor R. Madhavan had a great time working with Kangana Ranaut in ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and has become very fond of her. He even hopes that he gets to do more films with the pretty actress.

"I am very fond of Kangana and attracted to her. I feel she is an extremely competent actor, very professional and she has actively contributed to the role for the first time," Madhavan said.

"As an actor, I have never worked with a heroine who does that. They (other heroines) are happy doing what the script demands from them but Kangana is the one who was pushing the envelope. I hope I can do another film with Kangana, I really enjoyed working with her," he added.

Madhavan completely denied a media report that said he was angry with Kangana as she was hogging the limelight in the film's promotion.

"Unfortunately, it's wrong news," he said. "Kangana is shooting in Bangkok, so she did her character's (Tanu) promotion earlier," he said.

"There is absolutely no reason to be upset with her and I am really missing her."

‘Tanu Weds Manu’ which a romantic comedy showing two seemingly opposite people fall in love, is set to hit the theatres on Feb 25.

"I don't know why this romantic tag has stuck with me for so long. They (directors) want it, so I give them that. I am not going to fight it. This is a different kind of romantic story. It's not a cliche 'hold my hand and get into a fight' later on kind of story. It's very real and I don't remember if I have seen such a romantic film ever," said Madhavan, who plays the role of Manu in the film.

The reigning star of the south is willing to offer varied shades of characters to his Hindi audience.

"In the south, I have done some really dynamic characters, really brutal and masculine ones. Unfortunately, the Hindi guys haven't seen that angry guy in me as yet. So if a script like that comes along, I would really love to do (the role of) an angry young man now," said Madhavan.

"I think I am competent in comedy. Even 'Tanu Weds Manu' is comical but it has no comedy, it's humorous. But I would love to do a comedy film. I just did a hard-core comedy film in Tamil, which did very well," said Madhavan.

The actor revealed that he has signed two more Hindi films but did not divulge any further details.