Mumbai: Madhuri Dixit has been busy shooting in Lucknow for her upcoming film and sources say the actress has found an ingenuous way to bond with her unit.

Madhuri apparently has been ordering in the local variety of chaat for the team. Besides, we hear that even Pandit Birju Maharaj, who is choreographing one of her dance numbers, is indulging in plates full of the spicy dish.

A source says, “Mads gets chaat delivered to her room and enjoys relishing it with her team of Abhishek Chaubey’s films. She now knows of all the varieties that are available in the city. She would have preferred to go out to the market and eat like the regulars. But she will be mobbed.”

Sources also say that every time Maharaj shows her a new step, she perfects it in just one shot or two. The source adds, “Madhuri is one of the best dancers Bollywood has got. Maharaj is full of praises for her.”


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