Mumbai: She's the one and only Dhak Dhak girl India can boast of, and those moves now come with a big price tag. Madhuri Dixit is apparently quoting a whopping amount for her next Bollywood film.

Says a source, "She has been the most successful actress of her generation and clearly she brings in a brand value no one else does. So clearly that will reflect on the kind of money she charges. Ever since she has moved back to India, she has been approached by a lot of people to star in their films, but she is taking it easy." Madhuri apparently has been quoting between Rs 1 and 3 crore for her endorsement deals and between Rs 4 and 5 crore for her films.

Competing with the A-listers

Adds the source, "This is the kind of money leading ladies like Kareena, Katrina and even Vidya are charging. So Madhuri clearly wants to let people know that she is no less than any of them and signing her on will be expensive." Says a leading producer on the condition of anonymity, "For Madhuri, even if the budget for my film hits the roof, it's a chance I would take. But yes, you need to be practical too."

Too high a price?

This probably might be one of the reasons why she has refused plum projects like Anil Kapoor's remake of Freaky Friday and the remake of Satte Pe Satta that ultimately went to Karisma Kapoor. "Her last solo project was Aaja Nach Le that tanked at the box office.

She is however looking at women-oriented roles and for many producers, a film like that is a huge monetary risk. Only if all these factors come together, there will be a chance that she takes something on officially."

For now, the only people who seem to be able to afford her are beauty and food brands as she has signed on several endorsement deals over the past few months. For now, we hear she might play the lead in Vishal Bharadwaj's Dedh Ishqiya. However, that news remains unconfirmed.

On the home front

Madhuri was last quoted saying that Sriram Nene has been approached by leading city hospitals to come on board. However, we hear that Dr Nene is taking it easy and is yet to take a final decision.