Helmed by 'Hasee to Phasee' fame director Vinil Mathew, the film features the much popular norm in patriarchal society that 'Boys don't cry'.  

The film shows how boys are taught from their childhood that they are not suppose to cry as crying is an attribute of the fairer sex.

The boy as grows up happens to cry at several heartbreaks and disappointing occasions but every time he is being reminded that 'Ladke rote nahi'.

The film towards the end takes a twist and conveys a strong and appealing message.  

The boy who has been taught not to cry on petty issues ends up beating his partner and making her a victim of domestic violence.  

It's then that Madhuri Dixit appears on screen and says that "From the beginning, we teach our 'tough boys' not to cry. Its time we teach them not to make others cry."

The film establishes that crying is not just the domain of women and respecting women is something you should teach your boy rather than asking him to suppress his emotions.

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