Bhopal: Opposing Dow Chemicals' sponsorship of London Olympics, NGOs representing survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy will now organise "Bhopal Special Olympics" on July 26, a day ahead of the formal opening of the quadrennial mega-event.

"The Bhopal Special Olympics will be organised to protest against the sponsorship of the London Olympics by Dow Chemicals which continues to evade civil, criminal and environmental liabilities arising out of gas tragedy," Bhopal Group for Information and Action (BGIA) Rachna Dhingra told reporters.

The organisation said that children born with disabilities due to poisoning by Union Carbide (which was later taken over by Dow Chemicals) would be taking part in the "Bhopal Special Olympics" to counter Dow Chemical's attempts to "greenwash" its crimes through the sponsorship of the Olympic Games.

The Bhopal Olympics will be organised at a stadium behind the abandoned Union Carbide factory that continues to contaminate local groundwater, she said.

Children affected by toxic contamination will take part in sporting events such as crab race, 25 metres sprint and assisted walking, Dhingra said.

With the theme "From East India Company to The Dow Chemicals Company", the opening ceremony will draw attention to the many issues in the pre-Independence period under the British rule and the support extended by the British Prime Minister to Dow Chemicals Company.


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