Gwalior: Sensing the vast coverage network and importance of social media, the Madhya Pradesh unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has decided to register on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to boost its popularity and numbers.

The party has asked its cadres to make people aware about the importance of internet and lure them to join the web.

Speaking on the issue, Ajay Khameria, co-convener of state communication unit, said that through social media the party has set a target of registering 5,000 activists who are interested in party’s ideology and development of the state.

Khameria added that these activists will be made citizen reporter who will promote party’s ideology on several polices and issues through the social networking sites and e-mails.

Khameria also said the party also plans to launch a drive to connect party workers through Facebok and other websites in Gwalior.

The BJP will also launch a cadre recruitment drive through the web media.

The party feels that social medium will help it in promoting its ideology among youths and thereby increase its vote share.