Bhopal: Wary of the coal stock available with the power generation companies in the state, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has decided to put forward the issue before the Prime Minister during the National Development Council meeting to be held on October 22 in the national capital.

Chauhan was having an informal discussion during the state cabinet meeting on Tuesday on scarcity of coal in the state. In the meeting, the Ministers raised concern on the reduced availability of coal at the Sarini and Birsinghpur power plants as it is told that the plants are left with only 40 percent of the ideal stock of coal, which will surely affect the electricity production in the state.

The Ministers highlighted that with Rabi season and Diwali round the corner, the demand for electricity is expected to rise and if no improvement is brought about in the supply of coal, it can severely hamper the agriculture production in the state. They also said that if the people are devoid of electricity, the government will be considered in bad light.
The Ministers also asked the Chief Minister to conduct analysis of the fertilizer distribution in the areas under their charge to solve the problem of the farmers.

Meanwhile, the sources have revealed that veteran singer Asha Bhosle and dream girl Hema Malini will perform on the occasion of the Madhya Pradesh Foundation Day to be celebrated on November 1 in Bhopal.  Programmes will also be organized on the day at the district and block levels.