Bhopal: After the decision to make a separate annual Budget for the agriculture sector, the Madhya Pradesh government has now conceptualized “Agriculture Economic Survey” to revive the state’s ailing agriculture sector.

The responsibility of conducting the “Agriculture Economic Survey” has been entrusted by the government to the appointed consultant Dr Mrityunjay, a retired Director of Agriculture, Economic Policy and Research Center, New Delhi.

The government claims that the Agriculture Economic Survey reports will prove to be the milestone in making agriculture a profitable business.

The survey will include the comparative study of the area where food grains, cereals, and oilseeds are produced with the total produce.

The survey will also discuss at length about the agricultural development, agricultural marketing and warehouse facilities in the state.

The survey will also look into the required and available financial support to farmers of the state.

The report will be tabled before the Cabinet in the month of August and later "Agriculture Economic Survey-2011" will be released before the tabling of separate Agriculture Budget of the state.