Bhopal: In a novel move to keep alive the age-old multi-faceted linguistic treasure of Madhya Pradesh, the state government has decided to compile a unique dictionary which will have words of the prevalent tribal dialects like Korku, Gondi and Bhil spoken in the state.

The dictionary will contain 16000 words. It will have over 5000 words of Bhil, 6000 words of Gondi and 7500 words of Korku language.

A major percentage of Madhya Pradesh population consists of tribals. Therefore, different tribal dialects like Bhil, Korku and Gond are widely spoken in the state. The dialects used by them are centuries-old, which are slowly getting affected due to the changing social dynamics of the modern world.

Many of these words are no longer used in day-to-day lingo. In such a situation, the Tribal Research Institute (TRI) has taken an initiative for preparing this unique Shabdkosh (Dictionary) containing word used by the tribals.

For preparing the dictionary, the TRI officials took help from people who are not only fluent in these dialects but also possess good knowledge of Hindi. Moreover, assistance has also been taken from old people living in the tribal zone.

To maintain the authenticity of the dictionary, experts in Indian languages have also given their contribution.

JC Sharma, former deputy director of Central Institute of Indian Language, Mysore gave technical support for Bhil and Korku dialects whereas known Linguist Dr Sashi Pandey of Jagdalpur worked on Gondi.

Following the preservation of words used in Korku, Gondi and Bhil, TRI has started to prepare dictionary for Bhilali and Mavasi language.