London: Pop diva Madonna says she was alarmed, distressed and feared for the safety of her children after a man broke into her London house. The 53-year-old said Grzegorz Matlok's break-in was extremely unsettling, reported website.

The Polish national was arrested after he was allegedly discovered in the singer's London home, nine months after breaking into the country house she shared with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

"I feel alarmed and distressed by the actions of the defendant. It's extremely unsettling to know that despite the extensive security I have he has been able to break in to two residential properties owned by me. I am worried about the safety of my children, all of which are under 18. I am also worried about the safety of my staff and naturally I am also worried about my own safety," Madonna said.

Matlok has admitted burgling Madonna's office in London's Marylebone, but denied two charges of burglary relating to her house which is connected to it. He has been sent to psychiatric hospital indefinitely.