Justice K Ravichandra babu ordered issue of notice and posted the case for hearing to Feb 10 Petitioner S Steola Mascarenhas of Madurai submitted that the bogus marriage certificate issued by the Registrar without verifying facts in the Memorandum of marriages on May 5,2015 had landed her in trouble after one Sahaya Arputharaj Stephen claimed she was his wife and started harrassing her.
She submitted that stephen Sahayaraj had stated he belonged to Hindu religion. The Registrar and sub registrar did not verify the facts given in the Memorandum of marriage before solemnizing the marriage and issuing a certificate.
Steola alleged her signature had been forged with the connivance of the two officials who were liable to be punished for fraudulently registering the marriage. Subsequent investigation revealed that the Marriage centre coordinator in collusion with the Sub registrar, had issued the certificate, as if it was solemnized in his office.

She also sought a direction from the court to the SP to enquire into the 'nexus' between the registrar,sub registrar and the centre and submit a report to the court. She also sought to quash the Marriage certificate issued as if she had married Stephen sahayaraj, and for action against the officials who abetted the fraud.

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