Justice S.Vaidhyanathan of the Madurai bench of the High Court, rejected the arguement of the petitioner M.Mohan's counsel, that the distance between the residence and the school via Madakulam Kanmoi (lake) was only two km and not 6.4 km, which was a circuitous route.
The judge wondered how the five-year-old child seeking admission in the school could cross the lake and reach school. He also criticised the boy's father for wrongly mentioning the distance in the application form as three km.

Though the intention of the petitioner to impart good education in a reputed school was appreciable,the method he adopted to reach such a goal is deprecative, the judge said.

Referring to the plea of the petitioner for admission in the next year,the judge said they could not give such specific decision as the admission will be based on guidelines as notified by government every now and then under RTE act.

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