1.Maggi always puts dishwashing companies out of business because we cannot stop ourselves licking the plate after completing a plate full of happiness.

2.There are too many unforgettable childhood memories attached to Maggi. We all have 'apna own bahana' to hog Maggi

Dosto ke saath wali maggi
Daadi k haath ki maggi
Late night exam wali maggi
Home alone wali maggi

3.Slurping sound you make with each bite of Maggi is so satisfying but it is so irritating to those around you.

4.There are too many choices in Maggi flavours like Masala maggi, Cup maggi, Oats Maggi and Aata Maggi.

5.When Maggi is infront of you it takes the focus away from anything around you at that point.

6.That phenomenal and chatpata masala turn us all into savage finger-licking animals.

7.Maggi is so frickin’ easy to make, it’s spoiling us for all other food.

8.There’s way too much room for innvoation.

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