Only a small amount of MSG is allowed, excess of adding it causes harms. Now a days feel are too busy even to cook. Maggie makes it possible to prepare food in just 2 minutes.

Nestle India, which manufactures the popular brand of Noodles, had said in a statement that MSG, a taste enhancer, is not added in the product. Rather, "glutamate, if present, occurs naturally in some of the ingredients used," the company said.

A company spokesman confirmed Uttar Pradesh had ordered it to withdraw the batch dating back to March 2014, but added the items concerned had either already been consumed or were beyond the sell-by date, making the recall difficult. Srivastava said his team collected more than two dozen packs of instant noodles from stores across the state and tested each pack separately before making the findings public.

“Our experts conducted several tests and each time the results were shocking,” adding they had approached federal food inspectors in New Delhi to launch a wider investigation of the noodles.

Twitter, meanwhile, saw an outpour from Maggie lovers:





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