'Late night exam wali Maggi', 'Hostel food ki replacement wali Maggi', 'Dosto ke saath wali maggi' have suddenly took a turn to 'Two-minute of silence for two-minute Maggi' over internet.

“What will bring 'Do Minute Me Khushiyan' now when Maggi is getting banned in so many places?” is reaction of other-half of people at many places.

See how Maggi lovers reacted on social networking sites over Maggi ban:

Yayy!! People with curly hairs will finally get their names


Maggi is on her Birthday plans. No ban effect!


No adding of "Cooking" as skill after Maggi is banned. No offence girls!



Only God knows how many husbands in India will have to starve now..


'MSG' is surely not a hit.

Now, a pretty long message from a Maggi lover...


Bachelor's food is dying and Indians are sad..


Leave husband & wife, read what this mum has to say over maggi ban-

But let's tell you that excess amount of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), that has been found in many Maggi samples, causes headache and increase discomfort feeling. Also, lead poisoning leads to abdominal pain, headache, anemia, irritation and in worse case, even death.

Facing more blow each passing day, Nestle India today decided to take Maggi off the shelves after a controversy erupted over its contents, prompting several states to ban the 'two-minute' noodles.

After finding samples of Maggi noodles 'unsafe' for consumption, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir governments banned the sale of Nestle's instant noodles.

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