Jaitapur: Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan on Saturday witnessed stiff resistance from the local people of Sakhrinate village opposing the Jaitapur Nuclear power project.

The CM, who was on a visit to the proposed Jaitapur project site was greeted by slogan-shouting women. The local outfits like Janhit Seva Samitee from Madban village and the fishermen from Sakrinate village asked the Chavabn to scrap the 9,900 mw power plant.

Praveen Gawankar of Janhit Seva Samitee said, "936 hectares of land has been acquired through undemocratic means and through police atrocities. The Chief Minister should re-examine how the land acquisition process was conducted."

He also said that Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) was not stating the truth by saying that even pregnant women can work at the plant, because at Tarapur, where the first nuclear project came up in 1960, there was a board barring pregnant women from entering.
"The locals are not opposing the project for more compensation... let us live in peace and scrap the project. Also return our lands," he said.