Mumbai: Maharashtra Government's Labour Department has designed an innovative Labour Management System (LMS) on a public-private partnership (PPP) mode.

"The pilot project of the system, called 'Mahashramm', has successfully been completed and we are rolling it out in other parts of the state," Principal Secretary (Labour) Kavita Gupta said.

Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan and Labour minister Hasan Mushrif lauded the project at a function here on Tuesday, she said.

"The system is a win-win situation for industries and labour, as it interlinks industries, shops and establishments, construction contractors and other businesses, by providing financial inclusion and labour registration," Gupta said.

From the online services to be provided to the establishments and businesses, user charges would be collected which will go into the Mahashramm society fund and the same will be paid to the total service provider (TSP) to register the labour force and give financial inclusion to them at no cost to the labourers.

"No frills bank account will be opened for every worker, free of cost, as per the KYC norms endorsed by the RBI," she said.

The State Government has stipulated to make all the payments (payments of wages, bonus gratuity etc) in organized and unorganised sector (except the domestic and agricultural workers) to workers, who are in continuous employment, having payments of over Rs 3,000 per month, only through cheque or bank transfers. Workers will be registered and their biometric data captured as part of the project, developed in association with Glodyne Company. At the time of their registration, the data regarding the nature of the workers, their employer, and their skill-set would also be captured, Gupta said.

All the employers will be mandated to apply for the licenses, renewal of licenses, registration, renewal of registration etc online only.

The payment of the workers by the employers through the banking channel would be monitored through obtaining payment 'advice' from employers/banks.

In case of non-compliance of various provisions of labour laws, including timely payments, payments of minimum wages, payment of non wage benefits like bonus, gratuity etc. automatic alerts will be generated and after giving reasonable opportunity to the non complying employers, visits of the inspection machinery will be made.

Interoperability of labour registration with UID is also provided for. Workers will be given facilities for easy withdrawal of money through a network of business correspondents who would be available as points of services for these withdrawals within a radius of 2 km from the workplace.
Workers are also provided a complaints window in the Mahashramm portal - The portal would also provide a forum to build in a public dialogue between the labour force and the employer, Gupta said.

Two lakh labourers in Thane have been registered and one lakh have been given financial inclusion through opening of their bank accounts.

The project covers all aspects to ensure seamless implementation of labour laws and providing financial inclusion to the labour, Mushrif said.

He lauded Gupta for her role in its conceptual planning and implementation.