Although people observe fast on Shivratri but there are multiple number of dishes that can be eaten during the fast all day long.  We bring you some special food items that will help you to cope up your fast without giving your body a trouble:

Aloo tikki:
A healthy and heavy food item which can be easily made and consumed during shivrati is Aloo tikki. It can be made with boiled potatoes, waterchestnut flour, black salt and coriander leaves.

Aloo Tikki

Saboodana Kheer:
It is a type of desert which people generally consume while observing fast. The traditional Indian sweet is a perfect blend of  Sabbodana, milk, cardomom and sugar. If you are observing fast on Mahashivratri then Saboodana Kheer comes as your saviour.

Saboodana Kheer

Thandai: The milk based drink is perfect for your day long fast. The cold drink is prepared with a mixture of almonds, rostwater and fennel seeds. The drink guarantees you with necessary nutrition and makes your tummy feel full.


A thick fresh curd raita loaded with boiled potatoes, fruits, sugar, dryfruits is best to consume during fast. The curd becomes rich in nutrients and is a heavy meal which will keep you away from the haunts of hunger.


Saboodana Khichdi: The popular khichdi eaten during fast is full of potatoes, paneer, peanuts, chillies and saboodana. It is a perfect food item to consume during your fast. The dish is rich in carbohydrates which will provide you sufficient energy during the fast.

Saboodana Khichdi


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