Criss-crossing regional identities and language barriers, the third edition of Bratyajan international theatre festival will have 11 productions from different parts of the country and also from Thailand, Lithuania, Romania and Bhutan.
Conceptualised by eminent theatre director and actor Bratya Basu, who is also the West Bengal Tourism minister, the shows would be held at the Star Theatre.
"We try to do theatres with subtitles, but theatre has its own language as it is a very powerful medium," Basu told reporters on Tuesday.
The play 'Old Romanian Tales and Mahabharata – Nala Damayanti Soul Birds' from Oradea University in Romania is directed by Grigore Lese and Carmen Vasile.
The mono-opera is based on the love between Nala, a king who lost his kingdom in gambling and his queen Damayanti.
Thai group Soda Model has come up with 'Nattayasin Tin Siam' to present the history of Thailand with its rich folk tradition.
The dance pieces have been chosen from local tales of life's celebration.
Arts Printing House from Lithuania will present 'Salamandra's Dream', a dance diptych inspired by an amphibian salamander.
Other plays included Bapi Bose's 'Seventeenth July', 'Cinemar Moto', 'Kanyadaan' and 'Ke' by Bratya Basu and 'Kharir Teer' by Arpita Ghosh.


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