Noida: Aiming to make marriages a low-key affair, a Mahapanchayat comprising representatives of 12 villages in Noida, on Tuesday banned dowry, cocktail parties and celebrations which made the ceremony an ostentatious function.

The mahapanchayat, an amalgam of panchayat members of 12 villages met at Dujana village and took the strong step to cut the expenses on lavish marriage functions.

The mahapanchayat also banned use of firearms, DJs and orchestras in marriage functions. In an effort to reduce the financial burden on the girl's family, the Mahapanchayat announced a complete ban the dowry system.

"It was observed that farmers were spending majority of compensation received by them for the land acquisition by the state government for lavish weddings and later faced financial crisis as they did not plan for future and had not invested the money in buying land in other villages which could provide them regular livelihood," farmer leader Roopesh Verma said.

"Dowry system has caused several social evils, though the demands were often met, women were being burnt and killed by in-laws. Hunger for dowry will never subside if we do not check and stop giving and taking dowry," said Verma.

"It was decided that only a 100-member gathering would be allowed at a marriage ceremony. It will include both those from the bride and the groom side,” another farmer leader Virendra Nagar said.

"Further, the use of firearms is now banned. No revelry gunshots would be allowed as firearms are totally banned at marriages. In the past, several persons were killed due to revelry shots. Though the district magistrate has banned firearms, the order is not being implemented properly. We will strictly abide by the directive," said Nagar.
"Liquor will not be served in villages under the Mahapanchayat in marriage functions as it was the root cause behind most quarrels," he said. Giving preference to traditional form of music in the marriage functions, the Mahapanchayat approved playing of drum and classical music. DJs and orchestras have been banned to make marriage a less expense affair," Nagar said.

"To ensure regular interactions, more get-togethers would be held in NCR villages. Marriage melas would be held where eligible boys and girls could visit and choose their life partners if they find someone to their liking," the farmer leader said.

To prevent traffic holdovers, the mahapanchayat banned the hiring of horse chariot for marriage processions. "All the arrangements should be inside the venue and not on the roads," farmer leader Ajay Pal said.


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