"Maharashtra is ahead of Gujarat," Rahul said while addressing a poll rally here in Maharashtra's Nagpur district.

"They say we haven't done any work during 60 years. Had that been the case, would the state have made the strides it has made," he said.

Attacking the Prime Minister, Rahul said, "Some people invoke Gandhiji's name, but their behaviour is contradictory to his thoughts."

"We feel that there should be thought worship rather than idol worship," he said, in a veiled attack on Modi.

"Some people speak of Gandhiji who taught non-violence but don't practice his teachings," he said.

Rahul targeted the Modi government for hike in prices of 108 medicines, including those on cancer.

He also singled out Modi for "swinging on the jhoola with Chinese President when Chinese soldiers had entered India."

"It is people who make the country. It is not the leader but people who do the work," he said.

Due to our policies, 30 lakh people will get jobs, Rahul said, citing achievements of UPA.

He also flayed the Modi government for not keeping the poll promise to bring back black money stashed in foreign havens to India within 100 days of coming to power.

In a faux pas, Rahul referred to Prithviraj Chavan as 'chief minister'.

"Our CM is man with clean image," he said.

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