New Delhi: With Supreme Court upholding the death sentence awarded by Bombay High Court to Ajmal Kasab in 26/11 Mumbai attack case, the question arises who will execute him lack of executioner in Maharashtra.

Earlier, Balvant Singh Rajoana had not been hanged to death in Punjab few months back as state has no hangman. In 2004, Dhananjoy Chatterjee had been executed in the case of rape and murder of a girl in West Bengal.

Nata Malik conducted the execution of Dhananjoy. He died few years ago. Nata Malik’s son Mahadev Malik appealed that he is ready to execute Kasab on some conditions.

Director General (Prison) Maharashtra had said that as per the prison manual any policeman can perform the task after getting proper training. It means any policeman will be trained for the job.

However the Maharashtra government had refused to reveal any information about the proposal of Mahadev Malik.

Nata Malik and his father had executed 25 and 600 people respectively. Mahadev said, “Hanging to someone death is in my blood, I am well versed in this task.”

Interestingly, Mahadev Malik has not executed anybody so far. He is working as the sweeper.

It is worth mentioning that whether any official is trained or Mahadev Malik will perform the task of hanging Kasab.


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