"A draft of our integrated policy for the renewable energy sector, where we will produce energy through solar, wind and co-generation, should be out in the next 10-14 days. It will be put up on the government website where people will be invited to post suggestions," energy minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule told reporters here.

He said that 7,000-MW power will be produced through solar energy while 2,000-MW would be generated using wind energy while options for co-generation like biogas and bagasse, too, would be explored.

Bawankule had earlier told PTI that the renewable energy sector in the state was unstable due to the lack of a definite policy.

The state energy department is formulating the policy with technical support from the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency, which works for promoting and developing non-conventional and renewable sources of energy.

The minister said the policy will emphasise both grid connected and off-grid power supply.

Grid-connected power supply is that in which the generated power is supplied elsewhere through a power station, while in off-grid supply, the power is for self-use purposes, as in housing societies, government offices, etc.

"Solar power generated by installing solar panels on the roofs of buildings is also a kind of off-grid power," Bawankule said.