Mumbai: Water Supplies and Sanitation Minister of Maharashtra, Laxman Dhoble, faced women’s ire recently when his remarks over rape victims hurt them deeply. After his derogatory remarks, women lost their temper and rushed to beat him up with slippers.

The incident took place on Sunday evening when the Minister was addressing a literature conference here.

Dhoble who is a member of NCP, said while speaking at the conference that mere holding protests and demonstration by rape victims would not yield any results. He advised that a rape victim dalit women should educate her children properly with an aim to make them judges and able lawyers rather than holding protests and demonstration to get justice.

As soon as minister finished his speech, women attending the conference could not resist their anger and started hurling slippers on him.

Before making this controversial statement in his speech, the minister had also lashed out at Dalit activists by saying that the activists make themselves busy in embezzlement of Rs 4,430 crore fund meant for the welfare of the people of backward communities.

A group of women attending the speech got furious with the remark and soon they started hurling their footwear on him. An eyewitness also told that a person even made an attempt to slap him.

Interestingly, when Dhoble was asked about the whole ruckus, he denied the reports of being beaten up by saying the he was not manhandled. Instead, the miscreants were shouting slogans against him. He further added that his supporters had reacted on his behalf.


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