"Post the success of Arth's theatrical version, I thought that 'Daddy', too, was a kind of movie that could be brilliantly adapted for the stage. It has the same raw human emotions and naked truths about life and hence can have a similar kind of impact," Bhatt said.

The play, premiered here with Imran Zahid playing the protagonist that was portrayed by Anupam Kher in the movie.

"I think Imran has the discipline and the consistency required to take up projects and deliver quality stuff. Not everyone has the tenacity to take an idea from inception to its finishing point," Bhatt said.

Zahid has also played the lead role in the stage adaption of another Bhatt classic "Arth".

"This role is very special for me. Bhatt sahab has left direction but to portray a character from one of his classics fills me with nostalgia. Its a dream come true," the actor said.

Pooja Bhatt was also present in the audience during the play.

"Daddy was my debut film and I remember that Bhatt saab had asked me if I'd like to be known as an actor or a star, as he wanted to offer me a film that would be mention in my obituary," the actress said.

"I'm glad that Daddy touched the lives of many people. The issue is relevant today and I hope this adaption will be a success," she added.

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