Admitting that he was not authorised to issue injunctions on matters of anyone's dress, he said he wanted to advise tourists to be discreet while visiting temples.

"Even I have two daughters... I would never tell women what they should wear and what they should not," he said.

He further added, ''Also if I ask women tourists to be a bit careful while moving around at night then what is wrong in it?.''

Mahesh Sharma irked a controversy on Sunday when he suggested that visiting woman tourists should not wear skirts in India.

He said that a welcome card is being provided to tourists visiting India which lists the do's and dont's and advises women not to roam alone at night and not to wear skirts.

Mahesh Sharma said, ''When tourists arrive at the airport, they are being given a welcome kit which has a card with dos and don'ts... it has instructions like if they are in small cities, they should not roam around alone at night or wear skirts...they should take a picture of the car they are travelling in and send it to their friend."

Both tourism industry leaders and women activists of Agra immediately protested, saying such statements would send out a wrong message about the country. Agra Development Foundation Secretary KC Jain, who was with the minister, said Sharma had only referred to an advisory to be given out to foreign tourists detailing do's and don’ts in India.

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