Gurgaon: Battling since three days, the 4-year old toddler lost the battle against the odds and succumbed to asphyxia (suffocation) in the 70-feet borewell.

Mahi's death: Magisterial probe ordered

Mahi was finally pulled out at around 1:40 PM by the rescue team. The girl was immediatley rushed to hospital in an ambulance but was declared dead.

According to latest updates, rescuers made a headway on Saturday night as they finally pierced a hard rock in their effort to reach Mahi as hopes for her survival diminished by the hour.
The hard rock was a major hurdle which the rescuers had been struggling to break for the last two days, Lt Colonel Ashwani Tyagi, who is heading the operation, said.
"We had to dig further to reach her...hard rocks were coming in the way...we were finding out ways to remove the gravel," Joint Commissioner of Police Anil Rao said.

The combined efforts of the Indian Army engineers from Delhi, National Security Guard commandos, fire department, police, health and revenue departments and locals are ultimately claimed success in saving the girl.

Since a long time, no movement of the child was observed in the camera lowered in the borewell.

The family members of the girl who fell in a borewell while playing after her birthday celebration in Kho village near Manesar have been praying hard for the well being of the child.

"Mahi was celebrating her birthday and was playing with children outside the home near the borewell when she suddenly fell into it," her father Neeraj, a security supervisor at a factory in Manesar said.

Chief medical officer Praveen Garg said oxygen was being pumped in the borewell to help the child. A camera was also lowered into the borewell to find out the condition of the child but it did not provide any significant detail.


Neeraj claimed that as soon as his daughter fell in the borewell at 11:PM on Wednesday night, he called up the police but they arrived one-and-a-half hour late.

For two hours the child kept crying inside the borewell, asking for help but now she is not responding to any calls, he said. The parents allege that the district administration has been lax in taking up quick efforts to rescue the child.

Meanwhile, Gurgaon's District Magistrate P C Meena has ordered a judicial enquiry to be carried out by Additional Deputy Commissioner to probe into the digging of an illegal borewell.
An FIR under various sections of IPC has been registered against local resident Rotash Tayal, who illegally dug the borewell.


The national child rights body has sought an explanation from the Haryana government on the incident of a minor girl who fell into a deep borewell in Gurgaon to ascertain if it was the result of any negligence.

In a letter to Haryana Chief Secretary, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) sought to know if the Supreme Court guidelines on borewells had been followed in this case and the action taken by the state if any violation was found.

The NCPCR has also asked the Haryana government to submit a report on the "facts and circumstances" under which the 70-feet-deep borewell was dug and left open.

"The Haryana government should also provide us information of     the action taken so far against the erring owner of the land/borewell, as well as against any official in the matter whose inaction might have led to the incident," NCPCR member Vinod Kumar Tikoo wrote.

In his letter, the NCPCR member asked the state government to submit an Action Taken Report in this regard to the Commission within 10 days.


The incident came six years after a similar dramatic rescue of five- year-old boy called Prince, who was saved 50 hours after falling into a 60-feet pit near Kurukshetra in Haryana, an event that was followed live on national television.

The rescue team was facing the same problem. This time instead of cutting the stones by hands they were using hand cutter drill machine, an official further added.

If the current efforts fail, a fresh parallel bore would be needed, said an official. Rescue personnel inside the tunnel carrying oxygen pipes with them were hardly able to stay for more than 5 to 10 minutes in the tunnel at a stretch.


Here are some previous, similar incidents when toddlers were rescued after days of complex operations:

1. Prince, 6, was rescued from a 50-foot deep borewell in Haryana's Kurukshetra after two days of rescue operations back in 2006.

2. In a similar operation, army personnel rescued two-year-old Sonu after he fell into a 15-feet-deep borewell in Agra.

3. A five-year-old boy fell into a 250-300 feet deep borewell in Jaipur in 2009. While the child was rescued safely, another incident in neighbouring Dausa district was witnessed when four-year-old Anju Gujjar was rescued from a 50-foot deep open borewell.

While the children have been lucky to have survived, there have also been ill-fated incidents where the victims died from their injuries:

1. Eleven-year-old Kirtan Pranami from Palanpur, Gujarat, was not as lucky as Prince and other kids and died after he was trapped in a 100-foot deep borewell back in 2009.

2. Two-year-old Darawath Mahesh fell into a 35-foot borewell and died there after 24 hours near Warangal.

3. Kinjal Man Singh Chauhan, 2, fell in an open borewell in Madeli village in Gujarat and died in 2007. The same year, an open borewell in Shiroor village in Pune claimed the life of a five-year-old child.

4. A four-year-old boy could not survive after falling into a 200-foot deep borewell in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu in 2011.

5. A two-year-old boy, Amit, in 2007 fell in a 56-foot open borewell in a village near Katni in Madhya Pradesh and died.


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