With the Left party facing major electoral reverses, its Draft Political Resolution, to be presented at the 21st congress at Visakhapatnam in April, also emphasised on building "independent" strength of the party, while working actively to rally other left and democratic secular forces to form a front for united action.
"The party has to fight against the BJP and Modi government's policies. This is the main task at hand. This requires a concerted opposition to Modi government's economic policies and its Hindutva oriented social and educational policies.

"The party has to conduct a political and ideological struggle against the BJP-RSS combine. The fight against communalism cannot be conducted in isolation. It has to be integrated with the struggle against the neo-liberal policies and in defence of people's livelihood," the draft political resolution outlining the future political direction of the party said.
The party said that it will work actively to rally the Left and democratic forces. This, it said, can be done through the process of launching mass struggles and joint movements on the issues affecting people.

"There has been a major change in the political situation of the country after Lok Sabha elections. The resolution has characterised this change as right wing offensive under the Narendra Modi government.

"This is fuelled by two forces. One by aggressive push for neo-liberal policies and second the offensive of the RSS led Hindutva forces. Together they constitute right wing offensive which is detrimental for the interest of the people in our country," CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat told reporters adding, that "the resolution's main direction is how to fight this right wing offensive".
Karat said that CPI(M) has "recognised" that it is under "serious" attack in West Bengal but dismissed opinions that his party's base is continuously being eroded in the  state. He alleged that the "opportunist politics" by Trinamool Congress has helped BJP make some headway.
The draft political resolution said that although the main direction of the struggle will be against BJP, the party will continue to oppose Congress as it is the UPA government's "anti people" policies and corruption which helped the BJP to acquire popular support.
"The party will have no understanding or electoral alliance with Congress," the resolution said.

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