New Delhi: The Defence Ministry on Monday cleared the appointment of military law expert, Major General Prabhu Singh Rathore, as the Judge Advocate General (JAG) of the Indian Army.

The post was lying vacant after the retirement of previous incumbent Major General BV Nair on January 31.

Defence Ministry sources said that the appointment was delayed as a Lieutenant Colonel approached the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) alleging that Rathore had attempted to adversely impact his career.

The case was admitted to the Kolkata Bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal which had stayed Rathore's promotion.

The case is still on in Kolkata.

Earlier, he was serving as the Deputy Judge Advocate General (D-JAG) in the Jaipur-based South Western Army Command.

The JAG is the chief legal adviser of the Army Chief in matters pertaining to the force's laws.