Mumbai: The print of Alam Ara, the first talkie of Bollywood, has not only disappeared, but also Majestic Cinema, the first witness of this marvelous film, has been conspicuous by it absence, which has been replaced by Majestic Shopping Centre, a high tech shopping mall.

It inks a dismal picture that Alam Ara has completed its 80 years of glory, but most of the young generations hanging around the ground zero of Alam Ara are oblivious to its grandeur. 

Reminiscing of his childhood days, Prakash Dalvi, who has been running his travel agency at the ground floor of the Majestic Shopping Centre, said that, “I used to come here to watch movie with my family when I was a kid. Marathi films were mostly screened there. Now Majestic Cinema is only alive in our memory."

People vented their ire over the construction of Majestic Shopping Centre in the place of Majestic Cinema. In view of objections from all quarters, the builders first decided to leave the space for Majestic Theatre, but later they dropped the idea of making Majestic Theatre in the wake of space constraint for parking.

JPN/ Bureau