Beijing: Nearly 300 kg of narcotics was seized and 12 people were detained as police claimed to have busted a major drug ring in central China.

The drug ring in Hubei Province was operating out of a deserted poultry farm and deflected suspicion by claiming to be processing medicine.

The crackdown took more than three months of investigation to uncover the ring, the public security bureau of Xishui County said.

The case is still under investigation. In another crackdown, police seized 25 kg of drugs during a two-week anti-drug trafficking campaign in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

The seizure is the latest in a series of crackdown conducted by police during this month. Earlier on May 18 and 19, police had confiscated nearly 7 kg of methamphetamine and 18.52 kg of heroin respectively.

Under the country's Criminal Law, smuggling, trafficking, transporting or producing 50 grams or more of heroin is punishable by 15 years in jail, life imprisonment or death penalty.


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