As such both Rubio and Cruz, who are competing to gain the number two spot in now the five-person GOP presidential race, claimed they would have the support of majority of the party's members and thus emerge as the GOP nominee.

"Majority of Republican voters are not supporting Donald Trump. Obviously, once this race begins to narrow a little bit, you'll see more of that support consolidating," Rubio said.

He admitted that Trump, who has won three of the four GOP primaries so far, is the front-runner.

Appearing at the same town hall, Cruz said Trump has a lot of momentum right now.

"He's won three primaries. That's a significant accomplishment. But what I think those results show is that the only campaign that can beat Donald and the only that has beaten Donald is our campaign," he said.

"In my view you look nationally, anywhere from 65 to 70 percent of Republicans don't think Donald is the right candidate for us to nominate to go up against Hillary Clinton," he observed.

The Texas Senator said Trump has been successful so far because people are ticked off.

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