The Governor advocated for engineering interventions of farm mechanization, natural resource management, value addition and energy management in production and post-harvest operations.

"Agriculture sector is one of the vital aspects of a dynamic and increasingly globalised world economy. It is the backbone of economic system of any given country. In addition to providing food and raw material, agriculture also provides employment opportunities to a large percentage of population. It is the main source of national income for most of the developing countries," he said.

"A stable agricultural sector ensures a nation of food security. By incorporating automation, precision and smart technologies to new and existing farming equipments, we can optimize efficiency, sustainability and reliability of our produce and enhance our economy," he pointed out while inaugurating a conference on emerging technology trends in Agriculture Engineering at North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) at Nirjili, near here.
The governor exhorted the participants to initiate and conceptualize innovative ideas, while underscoring that the wisdom of the conference should move to the field and be beneficial to the farmers.

He stressed on food processing, requirement of developing entrepreneurship base in the region and strengthen research and development activities in the field of agriculture and allied subjects. It should be integrating technology with the local needs.
Citing local challenges like water scarcity in winter months, the Governor urged upon the scientific community to take the challenge and come up with a workable solution to the problem of the state capital, which can then be applied to the rest of the state and region.

He also asked them to find scientific technique for wastage management, which can be use in agricultural fields.
Stating the challenges provide opportunities, the Governor asked the scientists and engineers to find simple and workable solutions, fulfilling local needs while keeping the environment intact.
The Governor also released the souvenir of the conference.

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