Pastry Chef Rashmi of Mumbai's Grand Sarovar Premiere says one can easily prepare an Indian Emblem Cheese Cake at home. Here's how:


* Powdered biscuits(200 grams)

* Melted butter(50 grams)

* Cream cheese(200 grams)

* Whipped cream(100 grams)

* Gelatin (10 grams), China Grass is a substitute

* Orange crush or orange flavour (20ml)

* Kiwi crush or Kiwi flavour (20ml)

* Coconut flakes (30grams)

* Mixed fruit coulis (50 grams)


* Take the biscuits (I used Britannia cream crackers) and powder them coarsely. Add melted butter and mix it well till slightly moist.

* Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Stir to cool.

* Use an electric mixer to beat sugar and cream cheese. It should be light and smooth.

* Whip the cream until stiff. Add gelatin.

* Divide the cream cheese and sugar mixture into three bowls.

* Add orange crush and kiwi crush into cream cheese mixture.

* Keep plain mixture for white colour.

* Take circular baking dish. Put the mixture and sprinkle coloured coconut flakes.

* Prepare mixed fruit coulis (thick sauce) adding sugar to assorted fruits like black grapes and plums. Use the sauce as the base for dish.

* Arrange as shown in the picture. Cake is ready to serve.


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