Nathalie Eleni, Venus beauty therapist, shares her tips to achieve the perfect red carpet legs:

1.    Begin by toning and smoothing the skin by dry brushing your legs using a gentle body brush, working upwards to help stimulate circulation.

2.    Soak legs and feet in warm water. It is a great way to eliminate sock marks.

3.     Then give your feet an exfoliating treatment, working your way up the legs in a circular motion. This will help remove any residual dry or dead skin and instantly revitalise skin complexion.

4.    After exfoliation, use a razor to be hair-free and to attain silky-smooth legs.

5.     Indulge in a short massage using a light, soothing body oil. This will help further stimulate circulation and replenish skin’s moisture.

6.     Finish your moisture-boosting massage with an unperfumed body butter to further lock in moisture.


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