At the age of 40, one can see changes in the skin. The skin around the eyes is the first to show signs of ageing. Make-up can help the skin look younger and fresher.

It can be applied in a way that makes the skin and features of the face appear more youthful. The selection of make-up cosmetics and appropriate colours is also important. Here are few suggestions from experts:

-    Since the skin becomes drier with age, creamy foundations should be used. It should be light in texture and provide a smooth matte (non-shiny) finish, concealing age spots, lines and wrinkles.

-    Concealers can help with dark circles under the eyes, or age spots. The skill with which make-up is applied comes with trial and error.

-    Before applying make-up, pluck superfluous hair around the eyebrows. See if they need reshaping, so that they are more clearly defined.  Apply a liquid moisturizer on the entire face.

-    Foundation should be applied in two stages.  The first is to conceal dark spots, or patches, if any. It should be lighter than the normal skin colour. The colour of the main foundation should be as close to your natural skin tone, as possible.

-    A light moisturising lotion should be used before applying foundation. Wait for a few minutes to allow the skin to absorb it. Then apply concealer if you need to conceal age spots or other blemishes. Foundation should be applied after concealer. For oily and combination skin, an astringent lotion may be used before applying foundation, especially in summer.

-    Too much loose powder should not be applied, as powder tends to settle in the lines on the skin. The aim should be to achieve a softer look. Dust off excess powder, using cotton wool.

-    Brown eye pencils or liners may be more suitable than black, as black would be too harsh on older skin. Or, brown shadow can be applied over black eyeliner, to give it a softer look.

-    Keep colours in mind, while selecting eye make-up, blushers and lipstick. Go for grey and brown eye pencils and liners. For lipstick, avoid very light or very dark colours. Coral, bronze, burgundy, dark pink are some of the colours that may suit.

-    The shape of the lips becomes irregular with age. So, a lip pencil in the same shade as your lipstick would help. First apply the lip pencil and redefine the shape of the lips and then fill in colour, using a lipstick brush.

-    Avoid very dark colours like dark brown or maroon, avoid using too much foundation or concealer under the eyes or at the sides and also avoid very dark or heavy eye make-up.

(As per the discussion with Shahnaz Husain)

Courtesy: CityPlus