Hence, make-up has to be done differently during this season keeping in mind the high level of humidity while you are on the go, says an expert.

Elton J. Fernandez, official make-up artist, Maybelline New York, has shared how:

1. Use minimal foundation on your skin and make sure the focus of your look is on your eyes and lips.

2. Use a gel liner as it can be easily blended onto your skin for different looks like a definite wing.

3. Top it up with some bold waterproof mascara and watch your eyes come alive regardless of how dull the skies are.

4. Matte lipsticks are great, especially long wearing ones, as they reduce touch-up worries.

5. Go for a matte lipstick that keeps your lips moisturised, as they are made to glide on tenderly but with full impact on your lips.

6. Experiment with the trend - applying lighter colours on the middle of the mouth and blending it out into a deeper colour for a beautiful dimension. It will be matte, but not flat.

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