The disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 needed the support of countries within and outside the region due to thecomplexity of the search and its unprecedented challenges, Najib said.

On April 5, a Chinese newspaper published an interview by the Southern weekly magazine with Anwar, quoting him as saying that if he was the Prime Minister, he would take one second to solve the mystery of the Boeing 777-200.
"The remark of the opposition leader is illogical and regarded the people of Malaysia as stupid," he said at the monthly meeting of the Finance Ministry here.
The Beijing-bound jet had vanished from radar screens on March 8, with 239 people on board, including five Indians after taking off from here.
The mystery of the missing plane continued to baffle aviation and security authorities who have so far not succeeded in tracking the aircraft despite deploying hi-tech radar and other gadgets.


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