Male: Maldives President Mohammed Waheed on Monday inducted nine new members including the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture into his cabinet, dominated by former dictator Maumoon Gayoom's men.

Ahmed Shafeeu, a Director General rank officer in Education Ministry, has been inducted as the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, the last remaining portfolio.

Waheed also appointed eight new State Ministers.

The new State Ministers for Ministry of Home Affairs are Hussain Manik Dhonmanik (an MP during Maumoon regime), former Deputy Commissioner Mohamed Fayaz and Abdulla Mohamed who was the vice president of the civil alliance, the opposition during ousted President Mohammed Nasheed's time.

State Ministers for Ministry of Health are Ali Shareef Mohamed, Ha Hoarafushi and Dr Aishath Rameela.

Incidentally, Shareef held senior government posts during Gayoom era such as then Atoll Chief.

State Ministers for Housing Ministry are Abdulla Ziyad and Abdul Matheen Mohamed.

Hassan Saeed Hussain and S Hithadhoo was appointed as State Ministers for Foreign Ministry.

With the new appointments, former loyalists of the Gayoom regime, that ruled Maldives for 30 years, now dominate Waheed's cabinet that also has the former dictator's daughter, Dhunya Maumoon as a State Minister for Foreign Affairs as well as his son, Ghassan Maumoon.

The current regime came into power after Nasheed resigned on February 7.

Nasheed's party - Maldivian Democratic Party - has accused Gayoom of being the mastermind behind the "coup", a charge denied by him.