Even as the investigating agencies and cops are making back-breaking efforts to piece together the triple blasts in Mumbai, killing 18 and injuring more than 100, the political melodrama of passing buck has kicked off, which is no less than rubbing salts on the wounds of people. Known for his foot in mouth remarks, Digvijay Singh again courted controversy by saying the involvement of RSS in Mumbai serial blasts could not be ruled out. It literally proves how could our politicians stoop for personal aggrandizement when there was a need of sensitive hands to wipe the teary faces, which have been rendered bereft in 13/7 terror attacks, they are engaged in the frivolous politics. Albeit India looks ashen-faced on world arena after the Mumbai mayhem, which has already got déjà vu of 26/11 pogrom, and is not in a position to claim for steamrolling perpetrators on its own, our holier than thou leaders have started playing political one-upmanship at this grievous juncture. The allegation of Digvijay Singh, who is the general secretary of the Congress, regarding RSS link with the Mumbai blasts, however he mentions having no evidence thereof, is highly condemnable. His desperate bid to distract public attention and fishing in troubled waters should summarily be rubbished.

There is no doubt that the statements of Digvijay Singh to malign the image of RSS and cooking up the menace of Hindu terror are someway swayed by the Central leadership. Even a layman could feel the political waft of wooing Muslims with willingly passing such pointless comments by the Congress General Secretary, who is fully backed up the party per se. The Congress seems to be of firm opinion that Muslim vote bank could be boosted only by making rhetorics on Hindu terror. One can pity the Congress which has parted with moral values and principles for the sake of consolidating its vote bank. If the Congress is desperate to connect link of terror activities with Hindu outfits, it will stonewall the probe into the incident. In fact Home Minister P Chidambaram himself has termed saffron terrors as a big challenge for the country. If the Minister nurtures such sort of notion, it is unlikely that the perpetrators will fall in the net of investigating agencies. It could not be ruled out that some small-time Hindu groups are floundering to be extremists, but it could be categorically rejected that the threat of Hindu terror is looming large and has taken the dimension of cataclysmic impact. However, if the Congress sticks to its gun of creating chasm in social cohesion by floating such theories, the nation will have to bear the brunt.