Mumbai: Ever wondered what would happen when Sheila meets Munni? Well, they'd do a Mallika Sherawat, of course. Confused?
Choreographer Ganesh Acharya (otherwise known as Govinda's best buddy) has ripped off Farah Khan's patent dance steps from ‘Sheila ki jawaani’ in ‘Tees Maar Khan’, and ‘Munni badnaam hui’ in ‘Dabangg’ for Mallika Sherawat's new item number ‘Shalu ke thumke’ in the forthcoming flick ‘Bin Bulaye Baraati’.
His justification for 'being inspired' by the two songs that had everyone on the dance floor on New Year's Eve in 2010 is a line from the new song: ‘Munni bhi maani aur Sheila bhi maani, Shalu ke thumke ki duniya deewani’.

Sources however say Acharya was compelled by the film's team, who believed that incorporating Katrina Kaif's and Malaika Arora's dance steps would add to Sherawat's oomph quotient.

"It was felt that since Munni and Sheila have been mentioned in the lyrics, the trademark dance steps from the two songs should reflect in Mallika's moves. Ganesh's objections were quickly shouted down," said a source.

Of course, Kaif and Arora are far from amused. "What was Mallika thinking when she launched into the Munni and Sheila steps? It's not done. You can't borrow steps just because the lyrics make a reference.  Choreography is patented just like tunes are," fumed another source.
On probing, we discovered that the person responsible for the idea was none other than composer Anand Raj Anand. Prakash Jaju, the film's producer confirmed the news. "It was Anand Raj Anand's idea, and we liked it," he said.
Jaju said Sherawat had no objection. "We offered her a choice of two item songs and she chose this one. We offered the other one to Shweta Tiwari."

Farah Khan, who has lately been embroiled in an extended ‘tu tu main main’ with choreographer Ganesh Hegde, steered clear of controversy surrounding Acharya's song.
"I haven't seen it. Maybe they are just spoofing the Sheila and Munni steps," she said. When informed that Sherawat was dead serious in her item song, Khan, said, "In that case, I'm flattered." Kaif and Arora are not.

(Courtesy: Mid Day)