Mumbai: Lady Gaga may be the biggest Fame Monster around, but Mallika Sherawat plans on getting there soon enough. Hell, she's even found a shortcut. Sources reveal that after returning to Hollywood, the Hisss star hired local paparazzi friends to follow and tape her every move.

Who's tracked

A source close to her reveals, "The western media, especially Hollywood, feeds off the paparazzi culture. If you are photographed stepping out of a club or walking on the streets by one pap, news will spread and they will be drawn, moths to flame. In no time at all, you're famous! Only celebs whose pics fetch money, are tracked."

Madame M took cue. "Recently Mallika was spotted talking to a cameraman following and taping her as she walked. It was later revealed that he was her friend who simply posed as a paparazzi guy," says the source.

Playing to galley

The video has been posted on the popular celebrity portal and shows Mallika talking in an American accent.

Her friend asks her about "reports of working with the likes of Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp" which she laughs off with her trademark giggle. Fully aware that such videos go viral minutes after hitting the web, Mallika poses, pouts and answers all the questions excitedly.

In fact, she even shows off her newly-purchased shades and asks for opinion! Buzz is that this is an attempt to get publicity for her film Love, Barack.

Cannes Yatra

Mallika plans to take one of her Twitter followers on a date to the Cannes Film Festival this year. She took to her micro-blogging site telling her fans they, too, can join her on the red carpet.

Perez Hilton

Mallika will appear on prolific US blogger Perez Hilton's website talking about fitness, Bollywood and her future plans. Perez, who's notorious for his nasty comments on celebrities, met the actress and conducted an interview.