New Delhi: The physical growth of one-fourth children in the world is stymied due to the malnutrition, said a UNICEF report. About 38 percent dwarf children in the world live in India.

Dainik Jagran has got access to a copy of UNICEF report. According to which, 80 percent dwarf children aged upto 5 years live in 14 countries including India, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Congo, Philippines, Tanzania, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan. India tops the list.

Every second child aged upto 5 years suffers from dwarfism in India. The report also says that the number of dwarf children in the country is 6.17 crore.

With around 2.5 lakh wasted children, India tops the list. The number of such children is 5.2 crore in the world. India also tops the list of children who are underweight at the time of their birth. One-third of total underweight children live in India.

The experts say that malnutrition is the reason behind diseases, deformities and deaths. Mortality rate among dwarf children is four times more than that of the normal children. Such deformities affect the children adversely in every field like education, income and productivity in future.

Mukesh Kejariwal/JPN