Leading her party's foray into the north east, Banerjee said a people's government was set up in West Bengal after ousting the Left Front, and similarly another people's government would be set up in Tripura.
People have to come forward braving all fears, Banerjee said addressing her first meeting here organised by the state unit of TMC.
"Time has come for CPI-M to leave the throne of power. Entire Bengal would be with you in your struggle to oust them (CPI-M) from  power. We must oust this corrupt government in the 2018 elections.

"Whatever I have promised you I will do for you and will never vacillate. We want development and good governance. All these would be possible if we can oust CPI-M from the helm of affairs," she said.
Banerjee alleged that a huge number of people remained unemployed in Tripura, students were not getting proper education, health care for common people was in shambles and price of commodities had sky rocketed.

"All this has happened due to bad governance here. I heard that a kilo of potato is sold at a price of Rs 36-40. I am surprised what the Left Front government is doing in Tripura. In West Bengal if the price of potato goes above Rs 14 we arrange to sell it in fair price shops to stop black marketing," she said.
She said the CPI-M was boasting that it had brought rail up to Agartala, when in reality the project was sanctioned "when I was the union minister for railways in 2010."
When CPI-M was defeated in Bengal it was found that they had left a huge debt which TMC was clearing now, she said.
"But we are distributing rice at Rs 2 per kg, giving stipends to girls and students, creating livelihood amenities for the poor and have constructed 41 super speciality hospitals in last five years. What has the CPI-M done here? "There is no job, no work, no agricultural facilities, no university, and no teacher. There is only loot, conspiracy, false assurance, no justice. So why should people vote them?" she asked.


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