Kolkata: Following the constitutional norms for the post of a Chief Minister that requires a newly elected CM to get elected as a member of state assembly within six months after taking oath, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee too will have to contest the assembly poll within the stipulated period.

According to sources, Mayor Sobhan Chatterjee is ready to step down from Behala Purba constituency seat for the CM.

Earlier, Mamata wanted to contest for the Legislative Council but foreseeing a delay in its reorganization, she is considering of contesting from Behala Purba constituency, sources added.

Prior to the assembly polls,Mamata had said she would contest from Legislative Council if needed just as Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar did. It may be noted that Bihar already has a Legislative Council whereas the Legislative Council was dissolved in West Bengal wayback in 1969.

The CM wants to restore the Legislative Council and for that she has convened a special session of the House from June 24 to get the Bill passed in this regard. Once the bill is passed it would be  further sent to Parliament and then to the President for his approval.

Since the entire process may take more than a year, Banerjee will have to contest Legislative Assembly poll.