Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday criticised a section of the media for distorting her statement on the Judiciary in the Assembly on last Tuesday, saying she had merely spoken about a value-based judiciary.

"Both types of people are there in the world. There are good people and there are bad people. All political leaders are corrupt, it is not that."

"Similarly, all judges are corrupt, I have never said this. Judges are not corrupt. Lawyers are not corrupt. I had not said this. I had spoken about value-based Judiciary, need for judicial reforms, political reforms, administrative reforms, which were lacking since Independence, and the need for state funding of elections. If that is wrong, then I will repeat it a thousand times," she said while responding to media queries at the state secretariat on Thursday.

Banerjee said that what she had said inside the Assembly had been recorded. "Why I will speak here. I told that there is a need for electoral reforms and state funding to help curb corruption".

Pointing at the media, she said, "Why are you engaged in playing dirty games? It may be that there will be defamation against you if you distort. I have the freedom to express my views".

Defending her earlier remarks on valuable time spent by DMs, principal secretaries of various departments and SPs for appearances before committees and authorities, she said "if they were called for five days a week for 15 hours, then how they would find the time to do the work for the people.

"I spoke about pendency is a tendency. You can make out what I mean. Lakhs of cases are pending in court. People do not get justice. In Bengal, the government has cleared one lakh cases through Lok Adalats in the past one year", she said.

Mamata said, "There are good and bad people everywhere, and this is true even in media. Some report taking money and some without. The same with political leaders and police. I never spoke about judge and lawyers."

"I spoke about value-based judiciary. I spoke about value-based media. What is the harm? Whenever the court gives the order, I will accept," the Chief Minister said.

"I am also a lawyer, I can plead for the countrymen, people and myself. I spoke about state funding. Media, why didn't you speak?

"I had said the voice of justice should not weep silently in the wilderness. This is not that I said this today; I had said this several times earlier," she said.


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