New Delhi: Congress has not lost all hopes on ties with Trinamool Congress which announced the decision on Tuesday to withdraw from UPA, saying it still considers her a "valuable ally" and will discuss the concerns raised by Banerjee with the government.

"We have always considered Trinamool Congress our valuable ally. Even after all that Mamata Banerjee has said, we still consider her our valuable ally till a final result comes out," Congress general secretary Janardan Dwivedi told reporters here.

His comments came immediately after TMC chief Mamata Banerjee announced withdrawing support from UPA and stating that the ministers from Trinamool Congress will resign from the Union Cabinet on Friday.

Dwivedi said Congress party "will definitely discuss the issues raised by Banerjee with the government".

"We will see then what is the final result, he added.

Congress sources said party President Sonia Gandhi is expected to discuss with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh very soon the issues raised by Mamata.

There was an air of uncertainty in Congress in the evening about what Banerjee will do. Sources said the party spokespersons had instructions not to say anything on the issue till Banerjee makes an annoucement.

Hours before the Trinamool Congress chief announced withdrawing support from UPA, a party leader had said "it will be sad if she goes but then it is her decision".

Asked about contingency plans of UPA including the possibility of outside supporters Samajwadi Party joining the government in case Trinamool Congress walks out of the alliance, the leader had maintained that unless an ally seeks participation in the government there will be no change in the status quo.

"Many parties themselves do not want to participate in the government when the general elections are near," said a party leader.


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